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Maria Bywater was a pleasure to work with. Owing to the excellence of Maria's web-site and her timely e-mail and telephone communications, it was very easy to order, schedule, and pay for the huppah rental. It arrived on the promised day in secure packaging, and matched the quality described on Set-up and take-down only took minutes. We were so glad that we found a quality, shippable huppah to rent, which enabled us to have one less thing to stress about at our daughter's wedding.
- SteveG

Maria was friendly and such a pleasure to work with. The website was great at showing the different options, and the huppah was beautiful and easy to set-up. It was perfect for us, and we could not have been happier with our huppah.
- ST

Maria provided an excellent service and quality product. She loves what she does and that shows through readily.
- David

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7 Ideas for Using a Hand-held Wedding Huppah

7 Ideas for Using a Hand-held Wedding Huppah

1. Honor four special people.

Holding a huppah pole is an honor, and a hand-held huppah creates wedding roles for four more people. Are you looking for a way to include aunt Rebecca in your wedding? Honor her with the role of huppah bearer. Is your prospective wedding party getting too large but you don’t want to cut anyone out? Ask some people to hold huppah poles. Do you have a friend or family member that you want in the ceremony but who isn’t comfortable reading Hebrew? Ask them to hold one of the huppah poles.

2. Create an intimate atmosphere.

Using a hand-held huppah engenders an intimate atmosphere, no matter how large your wedding. Having lots of family and friends close to you during the ceremony makes the wedding less of a show and more of a shared moment.

3. A hand-held huppah can go just about anywhere, so you can hold your wedding ceremony somewhere special to you.

The canopy and poles of a hand-held huppah are easy to transport and set up just about anywhere. Take your wedding to the field, the vineyard, the park where you met. Raise your huppah on the beach of Assateague Island or Oahu, Hawaii. A country inn. A mountain ridge. Bring the huppah with you to a destination wedding, or have ship it there. That’s one more detail you won’t have to worry about at the last minute.

Jewish wedding huppah

Huppah illustration from The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1901-1906.

4. Link to past generations…

The first huppah canopies were hand held. Young pole bearers would escort the bride, who walked under the huppah, from her home to the site of the wedding ceremony.

5. …and share with future generations.

The canopy and four poles store easily, to be used in the future by other family members and handed down to the next generation.

6. Build the ceremony drama.

When your guests gather for the ceremony, the arrival of the huppah signals that the ceremony is about to begin. It builds drama and creates a sense of anticipation. When the huppah has taken its place, the entrance of the groom and bride raises the emotional level even higher.

7. After the wedding, hang the canopy above your bed.

A canopy that is made to be suspended by four poles will also hang beautifully above the bed in your home after the wedding. It’s a very romantic gesture, and carries the memories of your wedding day into your new married life.

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