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Maria Bywater was a pleasure to work with. Owing to the excellence of Maria's web-site and her timely e-mail and telephone communications, it was very easy to order, schedule, and pay for the huppah rental. It arrived on the promised day in secure packaging, and matched the quality described on Set-up and take-down only took minutes. We were so glad that we found a quality, shippable huppah to rent, which enabled us to have one less thing to stress about at our daughter's wedding.
- SteveG

Maria was friendly and such a pleasure to work with. The website was great at showing the different options, and the huppah was beautiful and easy to set-up. It was perfect for us, and we could not have been happier with our huppah.
- ST

Maria provided an excellent service and quality product. She loves what she does and that shows through readily.
- David

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Huppah Rental FAQs


Top 6 FAQs

1. Does rent only hand-held huppahs?

Yes, all of our huppahs are hand-held. This most traditional style of huppah is easy to put up and take down, and easy to transport to where ever you need it.

2. What cities does serve?

We rent huppahs everywhere in the U.S. We ship by FedEx.

3. Do I ship the huppah back in the same box it came in?

Yes. Repack the poles and canopy in the box they arrived in, and apply the pre-paid return shipping label.

4. When I return the huppah, do I deliver it to a FedEx office, or will FedEx pick it up?

You can do either. Drop it off at a FedEx location near you or call FedEx at 1.800.463.3339 to arrange a pickup.

5. When should I order my huppah?

At least 3 weeks before the wedding to take advantage of the standard shipping rate. For the best selection, reserve your huppah 3-4 months before the ceremony.

We can get a huppah to you with less than 3 weeks notice, but the shipping cost will be higher. We’re a great last-minute huppah solution. Check availability online.

6. What’s the best way to incorporate a hand-held huppah into the procession?

Most often, the huppah bearers lead the procession; they take their place, and the other participants follow. Another option is for the huppah bearers to walk in from the side of the ceremony space just before the procession begins. The arrival of the huppah is a breath-taking moment that focuses everyone’s attention on the ceremony…and your imminent arrival!

Basic Huppah Rental FAQs


Return Shipping

Late Fees

Damage Waiver

Huppah Damage

Basic Huppah Rent FAQs

How do I rent a huppah?

Step 1. Find the basics at How our huppah rentals work

Step 2. Check availability

What does my huppah rental include?

Everything you need: The fabric canopy, four poles, and ties to easily attach the canopy to the poles.

Are all your huppahs hand held?

Yes. All of our huppahs are traditional, hand-held huppahs.

Are your rental huppahs the same style as the purchased huppahs?

Yes. Our rental huppahs are the same style as our purchased huppahs. Purchased huppahs are hand-made to order when an order is placed, and we hold rental stock in all of the same styles we sell.

How far in advance of my wedding should I book my huppah?

Reserve your huppah as early as possible, for the best selection of huppah styles. That will help ensure that we have your preferred huppah style ready to ship in time for your wedding. Once you have set the wedding date and settled on the location or your wedding style, you will have a good idea of the huppah style that fits your ceremony best.

When will my huppah arrive?

Three to four business days before your ceremony, with allowance for Jewish holidays.

Is the huppah easy to put together?

Very easy, and we include instructions with diagrams. Basically, you just tie the corners of the canopy to eye screws i the poles, using ties that we provide.

Is a holding fee placed on my credit card during the rental period?

No, we currently do not put a hold on your credit card during the span of the rental. If the huppah is not returned in a timely manner, the full retail price of the huppah, and any other rental equipment, as shown on, will be paid for by the customer.


What are shipping costs?

Within the continental U.S., shipping is $100, which includes return shipping. If you need shipping to a destination outside of the continental U.S., we will quote you a shipping price when you contact us to check huppah availability.

Your order will be shipped by FedEx. We’ll include a return shipping label with your package.

Does ship huppahs outside of the United States?

Unfortunately, we do not, due to the exorbitant shipping costs and the unpredictable lead times that can be required to clear customs in some countries.

Can I take the rental huppah with me to my destination wedding outside of the U.S.?

If you take the huppah outside of the United States and something happens to it, you are responsible for 100% of the cost resulting from the damage or theft. The huppah must be delivered to and signed for at the address on your credit card or to an address and person confirmed by 24 hours prior to the shipping date.

Do you require a signature?

Yes, absolutely. ALL ORDERS REQUIRE A DIRECT SIGNATURE. No exceptions. Please plan accordingly. If you cannot be at home to sign for the delivery, you may choose to have it delivered to your wedding coordinator’s office or the ceremony site, as long as the address and a personal contact are identified by the credit card holder and confirmed by 24 hours prior to the shipping date. If no alternate person is identified and confirmed prior to the shipping date, will ship the huppah to the credit card holder at the address on file. The credit holder retains full responsibility for the care of the huppah equipment and will be charged for any equipment that is lost or damaged by another party.

What should I do if the package or equipment looks damaged when it arrives?

Use discretion. If you do not feel comfortable, DO NOT SIGN FOR IT, and contact us right away. If you do sign for it and the box is damaged, please take a photo of the box before opening it, as shipments are insured by the shipper. If the box was mishandled we want to make sure it’s noted for our sake and for yours. We understand that there might be an extremely rare occasion when a part or parts arrive damaged — PLEASE NOTE IT AND DOCUMENT IT, for us and for you, and contact us right away.

Despite our best efforts, items may occasionally be damaged during shipping. Carriers are responsible for damaged items only if the damage is noted when you sign for your shipment. Please make sure to inspect the delivery for any damaged or missing items, and write the details of the items on the shipping documents. If a shipment is signed for in full, will not be responsible for any damaged items.

Return Shipping

When do I have to ship the huppah back?

By the end of the business day on the second business day after your ceremony.

How do I send it back?

Send it back using the box it arrived in, using the mailing label we provide.

Please try to package the parts just as they were sent to you. Seal the box with packaging tape. Drop it off at your local UPS facility. Please note that if you are using a local authorized shipping facility, the package needs to be dropped off by the last scheduled UPS pickup time. Call them to find out the time of the last scheduled pickup. If you are having UPS pick up your package, you need to schedule the pickup the day before your rental is to be returned. UPS often will not pickup the box the same day you call. In most cases, that means you will need to contact UPS the day after the ceremony to arrange return shipping. Anything not in UPS’ possession by the last scheduled pickup time on your return date will be marked as late, and you will be charged late fees. You will be charged for any items not returned.

Should I wash the huppah before returning it?

No. Just simply put it back in the shipping container and ship it back to us. We will take care of the cleaning.

Late Fees

Do you charge late fees?

Unfortunately, we do have to, since a huppah that is returned late requires us to incur higher shipping costs to get it to the next wedding couple on time. We don’t always have to turn around a huppah quickly, though, so if you must be delayed in returning the huppah, please contact us right away. If we do not need to send the huppah out again right away, we will try to work with you.

Damage Waiver

Do you offer any insurance or damage waiver on the huppah?


Huppah Damage

What if I find the huppah is damaged when I go to set it up?

If you find a problem when you are setting up the huppah, contact us right away, and we will discuss the situation and try to find a remedy. If we are not able to remedy the situation, we will, if time permits, ship another huppah or part overnight. If by chance you ordered the wrong huppah, call us or email us and we will work with you on a solution. Full refunds cannot be given, however we will try to find the right huppah for you. If you call us after the date of the ceremony and say that the huppah was too damaged to be used or was damaged and unsightly, do not ask for a refund.

What if I damage the huppah?

Let us know immediately. Our lease agreement states that if the huppah is broken you are responsible either for replacing it or paying for repairs, and will determine which remedy is more appropriate. Minor damage that is repairable, we will repair, and we will charge you the repair cost of $50.00 per hour plus materials. If the huppah cannot be fixed, you will be charged for the retail cost of the huppah, according to the price to purchase a huppah of the same style, on our site.

What would be considered damage to the huppah?

The following is considered damage to the fabric canopy or fabric ties: Tears in the fabric or seams; stains; water and moisture damage; and marks that can not be removed through regular cleaning by water or dry cleaning, which ever is recommended for the fabric type. Any changes that render the canopy or ties unusable or unsightly are considered damage.

The following is considered damage to the poles: Breakage, indentations, scratches, gashes, marks, and water damage. Any changes that render the poles unusable, unsafe to use, or unsightly are considered damage. Light scuffs that are not visible from several feet away are considered normal wear and tear and not damage.

How can you tell that the huppah or related equipment was not damaged before shipping or during shipment?

All of our huppah parts are inspected and cleaned prior to shipment. We will never send out a huppah that is not suitable to stand at the center of your ceremony space. All huppah parts are packed and shipped with great care. If any of your boxes arrive damaged, use discretion. If you do not feel comfortable, DO NOT SIGN FOR THE SHIPMENT. If you do sign for it and the box is damaged, please take a photo of the box before opening it. All shipments are insured by the shipper, and if the box was somehow mishandled we want to make sure the damage is noted and documented for both us and you. We understand that there might be an extremely rare occasion when a part arrives damaged. SO PLEASE NOTE IT AND DOCUMENT IT for us and you.


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